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Reading Level: Grade 2 - 3 • Interest Level: Grade 9 - 12

Only Pieces

Author: Edd Tello
Specs: 5 1/2” x 8 1/4” • 200pp • Suggestions for Further Reading • Written in Verse • About the Author Section • Hi/Lo Content
HC ed.: 978-1-9785-9600-9 • $25.80 | $19.40
eBook: 978-1-9785-9602-3 • $25.80 | $19.40
Paperback: 978-1-9785-9601-6 • $16.35 | $14.20
Edgar wants nothing more than to live his life out loud. But telling the truth about his sexuality isn't so easy in his traditional Mexican-American family, and his Amá has made it clear she won't accept who he is. Things get even harder when Edgar's macho father returns home after months away, and the house erupts into fighting and simmering tension. Edgar worries what would happen if he told his father the truth about who he is, and feels he'll never fit in anywhere. Then Edgar runs into Alex, a popular football player at school. With Alex, Edgar feels happy and free, believing he might finally pick up all the broken pieces of his heart. But falling in love is more complicated than Edgar can ever imagine—and coming out might destroy the only life he's ever known.
“The author infuses some lovely imagery and Mexican folklore into this overall pleasing offering. An appealing coming-of-age story that will engage reluctant readers.” —Kirkus

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About the Author:
Edd Tello is a bilingual writer of children's and young adult literature. He has worked as an elementary school English teacher, and graduated from the University of Seville with a master's in creative writing. Since then, he has been writing newsletters and articles for website publications. Edd is currently a high school teacher in Mexico. Only Pieces is his debut YA novel. When he isn't reading or writing, you can find him drinking coffee in the woods. Please visit him online at and @eddstello.