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Reading Level: Grade 3 - 4 • Interest Level: Grade 3 - 6

Butt Blast

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Author: Susan Berran
Specs: 6” X 8 1/4” • 128pp, Illustrations, Excerpts from other Books within this Series, About the Author Section
HC ed.: 978-1-9785-9583-5 • $25.80 | $19.40
eBook: 978-1-9785-9585-9 • $25.80 | $19.40
Paperback: 978-1-9785-9584-2 • $16.35 | $14.20
How can my butt smell when it doesn’t have a nose? This gross question and more are answered in this hilarious book all about disgusting body happenings. This book of short stories features wacky, icky stories that will make kids enjoy reading, gag a little, and laugh a lot. Butt Blast combines seriously silly language with icky illustrations to create a cringe-worthy reading experience that kids will love!

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About the Author:
Susan Berran is a successful children’s illustrator and author who loves encouraging kids to read and write. Her books are packed with plenty of fun, action, and ‘gross’ stuff—the perfect formula to get kids laughing and reading. She is a passionate advocate for children’s literacy and has a long association with various writing festivals and development programs.