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Reading Level: Grade 2 - 3 • Interest Level: Grade 2 - 3

The Firehouse Phantom

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Author: D. J. Brandon
Specs: 5 1/4” X 7 1/8” • 64pp, Illustrations, Excerpts from other Books within this Series, About the Author Section
HC ed.: 978-1-5383-8489-3 • $23.25 | $17.45
eBook: 978-1-5383-8491-6 • $23.25 | $17.45
Paperback: 978-1-5383-8490-9 • $13.35 | $11.60
While on a tour of the brand-new firehouse with his friends, Graveyard Gruber feels an urgent tug from an invisible hand. Stories of a vacant house burned to the ground on the very same site, suspicions of arson, and a strange boy seen running from the blaze add to the mystery. Can an unexpected classmate provide the missing clue? Graveyard Gruber eagerly agrees to help out at the firehouse, determined to solve the mystery and set the record straight.

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About the Author:
D. J. Brandon grew up in a small town in rural New York, and has lived in four states, from the east coast to the Midwest. With a bachelor's degree from Wright State University in Ohio, she devoted most of her life to working in child and family health care while raising two children of her own. With her children grown, D. J. and her husband returned to small-town life in their home state in 2002. She credits her five grandchildren with keeping her young at heart as she nurtures a lifelong dream of writing books for kids.