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Reading Level: 2-3 • Interest Level: 9-12

On the Plus Side

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Author: P.A. Kurch
Specs: 5 1/2” x 8 1/4” • 96 pp • Written in prose, About the Author, Hi-lo text
HC ed.: 978-1-5383-8518-0 • $25.80 | $19.40
eBook: 978-1-5383-8518-0 • $25.80 | $19.40
Pbk. ed.: 978-1-5383-8517-3 • $16.35 | $14.20
Bryan Park is a “good guy.” He’s smart, driven, and has a picture-perfect future ahead of him when he graduates. That is, until Bryan’s longtime friend and now-girlfriend, Alyssa, tells him she’s pregnant with his child. Bryan and Alyssa have countless decisions to make that will change their lives forever. When Alyssa decides to continue the pregnancy, Bryan stays by her side. Still facing the pressures of high school, Bryan now has to think of diapers, money, his first real relationship, and reimagining the future he built for himself.
“Useful for igniting classroom discussions…An accessible read that pulls no punches in portraying the consequences of teen parenthood.” —Kirkus

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About the Author:
P.A. Kurch is proud to share On the Plus Side with readers as his second published novel. He currently lives in Buffalo, New York where he teaches full-time. When he’s not teaching, he writes, collects old toys, and plays video games for fun.