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My Home Is a Battlefield
HC ed.: 978-1-5383-8198-4
eBook: 978-1-5383-8299-8
Pbk. ed.: 978-1-5383-8197-7
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New School, New Me!
HC ed.: 978-1-5383-8196-0
eBook: 978-1-5383-8298-1
Pbk. ed.: 978-1-5383-8195-3
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Best Friends For-Never
HC ed.: 978-1-5383-8202-8
eBook: 978-1-5383-8301-8
Pbk. ed.: 978-1-5383-8201-1
Reading Level: 2-3 • Interest Level: 4-7

Star of the Show

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Author: J. M. Klein
Specs: 5 1/4” x 7 1/8” • 64 pp • Illustrations, Meet the Characters Infographic, Excerpt from another book in series, About the Author, Hi-lo text
HC ed.: 978-1-5383-8200-4 • $23.25 | $17.45
eBook: 978-1-5383-8300-1 • $23.25 | $17.45
Pbk. ed.: 978-1-5383-8199-1 • $13.35 | $11.60
Dani tries to get her parents back together by lying about how much one person loves and misses the other. Her dad even comes to visit. Dani thinks her plan worked perfectly and they can be one happy family again. However, old problems creep in. Dani’s parents are fighting more than ever, and she’s in the middle of it. Can she keep her family together, or will she have to accept that it might never work?

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About the Author:
J.M. Klein is a former journalist who has lived all around the country and moved half a dozen times. Like Dani, she learned how to make new friends and tried out for the school play. She didn’t make that play, but she did develop a lifelong love of theater and now has good friends in many states. She’s always written in diaries and journals, the contents of which are still totally secret.