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Detention Is a Lot Like Jail
HC ed.: 978-1-5383-8226-4
eBook: 978-1-5383-8313-1
Pbk. ed.: 978-1-5383-8225-7
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Cutting Through the Noise
HC ed.: 978-1-5383-8228-8
eBook: 978-1-5383-8314-8
Pbk. ed.: 978-1-5383-8227-1
Reading Level: 2-3 • Interest Level: 5-8

Things That Don't Make Sense

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Author: Brynn Kelly
Specs: 5 1/4” x 7 5/8” • 88 pp • “Meet the Characters” infographic, Excerpt from another book in series, Suggestions for further reading, About the Author, Spot illustrations, Hi-lo text
HC ed.: 978-1-5383-8224-0 • $24.55 | $18.45
eBook: 978-1-5383-8312-4 • $24.55 | $18.45
Pbk. ed.: 978-1-5383-8223-3 • $14.85 | $12.90
Landon currently has an F in life. He won't do his homework, won't take tests, won't even look at the chalkboard during class. His parents and teachers think it's because he's just not trying, but really, Landon is hiding a deep secret: nothing makes sense to him. He struggles to read, has trouble focusing, and can't wrap his mind around math. Maybe this a problem only the kids in 4B can solve.

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About the Author:
Brynn Kelly is a writer from Buffalo, New York, where she studied English and creative writing and received a master’s degree in social work. She is the author of three educational books, The People and Culture of Venezuela, The Layers of Earth’s Atmosphere, and Air Pressure and Wind. In her free time, she enjoys doing yoga and spending time with her dog, Neno.